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About Us

International Student Services Center Corporation Limited (ISSCC) is unique in Hong Kong of international education. No other single organization offers such a wide range of educational services to students.

ISSCC has grown from a small Hong Kong-based organization to become a global provider of education opportunities. Now, we have over 40 official school partners in Canada and many universities authorize us as their official representative.

ISSCC aims to become a truly global, multidisciplinary educational organization, meeting the needs of today's international students and helping them to fulfil their career ambitions.

ISSCC always bear in mind that we are "student supporter". Therefore we offer scholorship to the students who have financial difficulty and we also sponsor lot of academic associations around the world, such as Hong Kong Student @ University of Toronto.

Our goal as an organization is best described in our Mission Statement:

"We provide a gateway for students to the road of success."

About Us | Network | Services | Job Opportunities | Contact
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