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School ID: 337
School Name: Education Queensland International
Program offer: Preschool, Primary, Secondary, Senior Secondary School (Ages: 3 - 19)
City: Cairns
Tuition fee: AUS $ 7750 - 8750 / annum
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School ID: 338
School Name: Nudgee International College
Program offer: ELICOS (pre-high school English), Secondary School Program, Diploma, Degree, Sports Program, NGA
City: Brisbane
Tuition fee: AUS $8,000 - 20,000 depends on the type and length of the program
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School ID: 339
School Name: The Pittwater House Schools
Program offer: Junior School (Pre-school - Yr4), Senior School (Yr5 to Yr12), University Foundation Program
City: Collaroy
Tuition fee: AUD$25,000 - $30,000 varies from the year that the student enrolls, PHISEP AUS$375/week
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School ID: 358
School Name: University of South Australia
Program offer: Master / Diploma in Project Management,
City: Adelaide
Tuition fee:
School ID: 490
School Name: Kingston International College
Program offer: English courses, Vocational courses, High School Program (year 11-12)
City: Perth
Tuition fee: English:$141 - $250 /week; Vocational:$2,400-$22,826AUD(18-98 weeks)
School ID: 493
School Name: University of Wollongong
Program offer: Undergraduate/Postgraduate Courses
City: Wollongong
Tuition fee: Undergraduate:AUD$8,300-$11,550(1-8 sessions); Postgraduate:AUD$7,350-$10,170(4-6 sessions)
School ID: 503
School Name: Access Language Centre
Program offer: academic english course, english for work, Cambridge First Cert. course, Cambridge Advanced Cert. course, IELTS course and work experience program
City: Surry Hills
Tuition fee: AUS$230-$400 per week (from 2 to 52 weeks)
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School ID: 510
School Name: Holmesglen Institute of TAFE
Program offer: Bachelor Degree, Diploma, Certificate
City: Melbourne
Tuition fee:
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School ID: 512
School Name: The Knox School
Program offer: Grade 7 - 12
City: Wantirna South
Tuition fee: US $45,000 (7 days boarding), US $42,700 (5 days boarding)
School ID: 515
School Name: Flinders University
Program offer: degrees, diplomas, combined degrees programs
City: Adelaide
Tuition fee: AUD$19,600 - $27,300 ( annual fees, depends on program)
School ID: 514
School Name: Siena College
Program offer:
City: Findon
Tuition fee:
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School ID: 516
School Name: Taylors College
Program offer: High School (Gr 10-12), University Foundation, Diploma of Commerce, English Language Prep.
City: Sydney
Tuition fee: AUD$22,500, English Language: AUD$490 / week
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School ID: 526
School Name: University of Southern Queensland (USQ)
Program offer: On-campus & Distance Learning(Undergraduate & Postgraduate)
City: Toowoomba
Tuition fee: Undergraduate:On-campus(AU$10,280-AU$14,800 per year);Distance learning(AU$920-AU$1,400 per course)
School ID: 518
School Name: Eynesbury College
Program offer: Senior Secondary (Year 10-12), University Foundation, Diploma, Certificate, English Program
City: Adelaide
Tuition fee: Certificate & Diploma $AUD$15,200-23,560, Diploma courses:$2400-5300 per course
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School ID: 519
School Name: Sydney Institute of Business & Technology (SIBT)
Program offer: Foundation Studies;Diploma Courses;Advanced Diploma Courses;Mixed English Option (Diploma)
City: Sydney
Tuition fee: AUD$18,160--$48,100 / program
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School ID: 520
School Name: South Australian Institute of Business and Technology (SAIBT)
Program offer: Diploma, Associate Degree, Pre-University Program, Certificates
City: Adelaide
Tuition fee: Diploma: AUD$15,200-38,400 , Courses: AUD$2275-5300 per unit
School ID: 521
School Name: Chishlom Institute
Program offer: Advanced Diploma and Diploma courses(Bachelor of Commerce,Art & Design,Automotive,etc)
City: Dandenong
Tuition fee: AUD$4,700-$11,100 per year
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School ID: 522
School Name: Melbourne Institute of Business and Technology (MIBT)
Program offer: Pre-university Level, Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Diploma, Certificate
City: Malvern
Tuition fee: AUD$10,500-AUD$21,200.00
School ID: 523
School Name: Tuart College
Program offer: Year 12 Program, Flying Start Program, ESL / ECAAS Courses, Short Courses, STAT Courses
City: Tuart Hill
Tuition fee: AUD$4,920-AUD$17,000 + extra expenses
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School ID: 524
School Name: Curtin International College
Program offer: Certifcate and Diploma in many subjects.
City: Perth
Tuition fee: AUD$8,000-$25,200 (year 2012)
School ID: 525
School Name: Perth Institute of Business & Technology (PIBT)
Program offer: Certificate courses, Diploma,
City: Perth
Tuition fee: AUD$9,540 - $27,740 (year 2012)
School ID: 527
School Name: Central Queensland University
Program offer: Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Foundation studies, Diploma program
City: Rockhampton
Tuition fee: AUD$12,800 - $22,968
School ID: 528
School Name: Queensland Institute of Business and Technology (QIBT)
Program offer: Certificate in Foundations, Diploma, Pre-University, Postgraduate
City: Mt Gravatt
Tuition fee: AUS$15,950 - AUS$36,960 depends on the program & duration
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School ID: 529
School Name: Raffles LaSalle Institute Sydney
Program offer:
City: Sydney
Tuition fee:
School ID: 530
School Name: University of Western Sydney
Program offer: Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Research Programs
City: Sydney
Tuition fee: AUD$18,840-AUD$43,000 depends on programs
More Information

School ID: 517
School Name: Southern Cross University
Program offer: Undergraduate, Postgraduate
City: Lismore
Tuition fee: AUD$1,890-AUD$2,730 per unit
School ID: 916
School Name: TAFE International Western Australia
Program offer: Primary School, Secondary School, Study Tour Program
City: Perth
Tuition fee: AUD$10,000 - $13,500 per year
School ID: 917
School Name: Scotch Oakburn College
Program offer: Early Year - Year 12
City: Kings Meadows
Tuition fee: AUD$20,620 - AUD$39,085
School ID: 596
School Name: Chisholm Institute of TAFE
Program offer: Certificate, Diploma, advanced diploma or graduate certificate courses
City: Dandenong
Tuition fee: AUS$84,00 - 12,740, fee varies depend on the type of course. The 10 weeks ELICOS is AUS$250 / week
School ID: 614
School Name: All Saints" College
Program offer: Grade 7-12 (Oversea Students)
City: Bull Creek
Tuition fee: AUD$25,050-AUD$29,350 per year
School ID: 616
School Name: Kardinia International College
Program offer: Pre-school, junior school & senior school
City: Geelong
Tuition fee: AUD $14,000 - $16,450 per year
More Information

School ID: 617
School Name: The Hamilton and Alexandra College
Program offer: Year 7 -12
City: Hamilton
Tuition fee: AUD $20,208 - $22,078
More Information

School ID: 623
School Name: Clayfield International College
Program offer: Junior, Middle, Senior Schools
City: Brisbane
Tuition fee: AUD$22,720- AUD$24,780 per annum(exclude boarding fee)
School ID: 645
School Name: Ipswich Girls
Program offer: Year 7 - 12 (Boarding)
City: Ipwich
Tuition fee: AUD$22,530-AUD$29,100 per annum
School ID: 646
School Name: La Trobe University
Program offer: Undergraduate , Postgraduate, English & Foundation Studies, Offshore Programs
City: Melbourne
Tuition fee: AUD$8950 per semester
School ID: 658
School Name: The University of Sydney
Program offer: Undergraduate, Postgraduate
City: Sydney
Tuition fee:
School ID: 657
School Name: Macquarie University
Program offer: Undergraduate, Postgradute
City: Sydney
Tuition fee: AUD$24,792-AUD$28,848 per annum (2012 estimates)
School ID: 659
School Name: Monash University
Program offer: Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Research, Pathways
City: Caulfield
Tuition fee: AUD$11,500 - $17,110 per semester
School ID: 660
School Name: University of Technology Sydney
Program offer: Faculty of Business, Education, Engineering, Law Science, Nursing, Midwifery and Health
City: Sydney
Tuition fee: AUD$12,900 to AUD$25,800 per year
School ID: 661
School Name: The University of Adelaide
Program offer: Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Postgraduate Research, English Language
City: Adelaide
Tuition fee: Undergraduate: AUD$22,000-$58,250
School ID: 720
School Name: Gordon Institute of TAFE
Program offer: Certificates, Diploma, English Language Program
City: Geelong
Tuition fee: AUD$250-AUD$15,200+
School ID: 745
School Name: Holmes College
Program offer: English programs, Secondary college, Diploma programs and degree programs
City: Sydney
Tuition fee: English:A$330-A$365;Secondary:$15,000/yr; Diploma:A$12,500-A$25,500(40 wk);Degree:A$8,200 per sem
School ID: 788
School Name: Curtin University of Technology
Program offer: Bachelor of Arts,Commerce, Business Administration, Social Work, Applied Sciences, Surveying,etc
City: Perth
Tuition fee: Contact our office for details
School ID: 905
School Name: Blue Mountain Hotel School
Program offer: Certificate, Diploma, Degrees in Hospitality, Tourism and related subjects
City: Crows Nest
Tuition fee: Please see details
More Information

School ID: 910
School Name: Le Cordon Bleu Australia
Program offer: hospitality training to Degree level(International Hotel Management & Restaurant Management)
City: Regency Park
Tuition fee: AUD$59,400 (5 stages)
School ID: 911
School Name: The University of Queensland (UQ)
Program offer:
City: Spring Hill
Tuition fee:
School ID: 912
School Name: Australian Studies Institute (AUSI)
Program offer: Certificate IV in University Foundation Studies, Diploma Stage 1, Stage II ,etc
City: Perth
Tuition fee:
School ID: 913
School Name: Victoria University (UV)
Program offer: Arts, Communication, Culture and Langusages, Education, Psychology, Social Science,etc
City: Melbourne
Tuition fee: AUD$7,000-AUD$11,500 per semester

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